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BlephEx is a 6-8 minute deep cleaning treatment to remove crust and debris from the eyelids and lashes. A BlephEx is used to treat blepharitis, a chronic inflammatory disease of the eyelids. Blepharitis commonly occurs when tiny oil glands located near the base of the eyelashes become clogged. Additionally, blepharitis is commonly associated with other ocular surface disease such as dry eye disease and allergic conjunctivitis. BlephEx may be considered when other treatments, such as lid scrubs with baby shampoo, hot compresses, and medications have failed or are contraindicated.

The BlephEx handpiece, by Rysurg, is a patented hand-held instrument used to precisely spin a medical-grade micro-sponge along the edge of the eyelids and lashes, exfoliating the scurf and bacterial debris thereby helping improve lid hygiene and the overall health of the eyelids. BlephEx is an in-office treatment performed by the optometrist The number of treatments for blepharitis will depend on the patient, but could be as often as 2-3 times per year.

This treatment may be necessary alone or in conjunction with tempsure envi for the structure faciliting properties of the tempsure procedure.