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Re-Order Contacts

Why Are Eye Exams Important?

Contact lenses are often more complex than they appear. Even if you are currently experiencing no problems, the lenses may be causing damage to your eyes. After the initial exam, the doctors will perform a contact lens exam.

At this time, they will re-evaluate the fit of your contact lenses and observe if there are changes to the health of your eyes caused by your lenses. They will ensure that you will have a correct, current prescription to help avoid any serious problems, especially if you wear your lenses on an extended or overnight schedule.

Once properly fit, you will be asked to return to have a follow-up visit. At this time the doctor will check your vision with the contact lenses on, evaluate the fit of the lenses and ensure that the lenses are not irritating your eyes.

At Corben Optometry the care of your eyes is our most concern when wearing contact lenses. This is why we have a policy that anytime with in the year you are having difficulties with your contact lenses or your vision; you can call the office and be seen as soon as possible to fix the issue. This is included with your initial contact lens fitting fee. If we need to change the brand or power, whatever lenses you have left, we’ll gladly exchange for the new ones. Even if the boxes are open and were purchased in our office.

We also offer Keratoconnus and specialty contact lens fittings. The doctors use the most up to date techniques and materials . If you have been told not to or cannot wear lenses, ask our doctors, their answer may surprise you. They take the time to get it right.


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